October 2010





Christmas is coming early this year to anyone who has ever purchased a Morning Flight program. By any measure, the new V2010.3 programs now available at the Printfire Store represent a major update. With the introduction of user defined presses and press-based estimating, it's the kind of update most software vendors would call an upgrade, the kind that comes with a fee.

This coming week, we'll be contacting each and every Morning Flight user by e-mail with instructions on how to download the version 2010.3 update at no cost. Every user will benefit, but the big winners are the owners of the Passport Edition and Pixelblitz. Especially Pixelblitz. Here is why. Up until now, the $185.00 Pixelblitz program was the digital equivalent of the Silver Edition. That program is no more.

The new Pixelblitz is now a full Management Information System, a $385.00 digital version of the Gold. Despite the price differential of $200.00, if you were lucky enough to have bought one of the old versions, you'll now be able to download the new Pixelblitz at, you guessed it, no cost. None. Not a dime!

You've seen the guys in the beer commercials carry on about how "it doesn't get any better than this"? Hate to break it to you, fellows, but - NOW is when it won't get any better!

Hal Heindel
Unitac International Inc.



What's New in V2010.3




All five of the new versions are now at the Printfire Store. If you're already using a paid Morning Flight product, please wait for a separate e-mail on how to update that product at no cost. Most of the new features have been described in earlier FlyBy newsletters, but here is a quick rundown:

Passport Edition. Complete remake, essentially a new version. The new Passport now includes user defined presses, press-based estimating, and Jet-Entry pricing.

Express Edition. Booklet Module and Memo Writer, same as V2010.2, but benefits from having user defined presses and press-based estimating, as do all paid versions.

Silver Edition. Estimate Writer, Merchandise, and exporting of customers and contacts to Excel files.

Gold Edition. New Product Introduction, following three years of beta testing. Our first full MIS. Includes Order Entry, Job Tickets, Job Tracking, and Invoicing, in addition to everything that's found in the Silver. Star Feature? MyWay manual pricing mode. Both the Gold and Pixelblitz let you switch between "Safe for Cousin Mel" estimating and a less safe but more flexible alternative: The option of full manual control.

Pixelblitz. Same as the Gold, but lacks offset capabilities. To make up for it, Pixelblitz comes with a feature the Gold doesn't have: A $100.00 price reduction.



Out with the Old ...

The Passport Edition started out as an upscale Free Edition with a printed manual. Price: $48.00.

With V2010.3, that program has been elevated to a higher platform. User defined presses, Jet-Entry, and a host of other enhancements make it a much more capable performer. New price: $85.00. Your price if you bought any previous version . . . zero, zip.

Pixelblitz. Here is where the numbers are truly in another galaxy: A free upgrade to a completely new program at a $200.00 savings!