November 2011





For a developer, few things are more frustrating than being told "I've downloaded your demo. Been meaning to check it out but never got around to it". If that rings a bell, maybe this will entice you to finally take that test ride: Starting today, and through all of December, you can download the Morning Flight Passport Edition for half price.

As G.I Joe told Willie (while bullets were flying overhead, in one of Bill Mauldin's famous cartoons): "I can't git no lower, Willie. Me buttons is in th' way."

Happy Holidays!

Hal Heindel
Unitac International Inc.




$42.50 Passport Edition


How much estimating power does $42.50 get you? Quite a lot, actually. Especially if you're one the few remaining holdouts who are still doing estimates the old fashioned way, by hand, with pencil and paper. But even the more than 6,000 users of our Free Edition will welcome the expanded capabilities and richer functionality. Look at what you're adding to your toolbox:

  1. User selectable presses

  2. Unlimited user defined prepress

  3. Unlimited user defined postpress

  4. Custom paper markups

  5. Jet-Entry Quickprice

Morning Flight Passport normally sells for $85.00. Right now you can download the program at the Printfire Store for just $42.50. But you'll have to act soon. This offer is only good until New Year's Eve.




How to preselect your Presses


Morning Flight lets you preselect the offset presses you generally assign jobs to. You do that by designating any active press as your primary for 1-color, 2-color, or 4-color offset. In the example above, the Ryobi does double duty as the primary for both 2 and 4-color runs.

Say you add a new offset press and make that press your primary for 1-color, replacing the built-in Multi. The program will now use the new press for all your 1-color quotes and orders. You can still hand-pick the Multi, but your 1-color primary press will come up as the default.

How do you override the default on the fly, in the midst of making a quote or entering an order? Click the button next to the F2 button (or press Ctrl-F2). That gets you a "Custom Product" window where you're able to select a different press by clicking the slider. If the program skips the press you had planned on using, chances are that the press sheet is too big for that press to handle.

User selectable presses are available in all paid editions of Morning Flight, from the Passport on up. If your version doesn't support it, please email us and we'll upgrade you at no charge.




Tip of the Month

How to quote Die-Cut Labels

Press operators hate to run die-cut labels. Seems that every few press sheets a label either gets snagged by the blanket or plays hide and seek in the ink train. Compared to the pressroom drama, pricing the run with Morning Flight is a walk in the park. With two big caveats:

First, the quantity you'll want to enter is the number of press sheets, not the number of labels. 1,000 die-cut labels, 10-up on an 8.5x11 inch sheet, are quoted as 100 label sheets, 8.5x11.

Second, the paper must be die-cut label stock. If you know you entered it but it doesn't show up on your pick list, it was probably dropped into the wrong category.