March 2010





Welcome to the premier issue of Morning FlyBy, our new member letter for Printfire Insiders. Time is precious in the wired world so I'll come right to the point: This will not be another marketing newsletter. Despite my 30-odd years of having owned and operated a print shop in upstate New York, I confess to having a less than crystal-clear vision of what to include in future issues. Printing in New York is different from printing in other parts of the country, nevermind Portugal or Singapore.

On the plus side, I've learned to recognize fluff when I stumble over it - I know what to leave out. The key will be relevance. We'll keep focusing on issues that matter to you, whether you're looking for new product features, up-to-the-minute software tutorials, or a peek at how other members are using the program.

Please bear with us for the first few months while we tweak the content this newsletter brings you. Before long, with your feedback, we'll be running all good.

Hal Heindel
Unitac International Inc.




New in Version 2010.2


Most of the changes are minor, but two stand out: A total overhaul of how to mark up paper, and the ability to quote even non-stocked paper in partial reams. It's hard to see where the second feature makes much sense (no vendor we know of will break open a ream or deliver half a box of envelopes), but so many users have asked for it, we decided to install it anyway.

In V2010.2 of all paid Morning Flight programs, from the $35.00 Passport on up, you can now buy a full box of envelopes, then bill for just a portion of it and save the rest in your odd lot room, hoping that some day, somebody will come along needing that exact type and color of envelope. That's if the flap hasn't glued itself shut from just sitting.

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Custom markups, on the other hand, are far more useful. We've extended the range and even included a zero markup option so that in-plant shops can suppress paper markups altogether.

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Video Tutorials


Screencasts are a great way to learn how to use the program. We'll try to produce at least one new video for each issue. Visit our on-line library to see what's there now.



Downloadable Versions at the Printfire Store


Beginning next month, you'll be able to order any Morning Flight edition as a lower priced, downloadable product with a print-it-yourself user manual. International users, in particular, will find downloads much more affordable than having boxed versions shipped.

First, the product itself costs less (no manual to print). Second, no customs clearance fees to worry about. And finally, no shipping charges. At $35.00, the Passport download is priced well below what it would cost to fly the 3-pound package across the Atlantic.



Morning Flight Abroad


By most accounts, there are 195 countries on the planet. Morning Flight is at work in 112 of them. As you would expect, most exports have gone to English-speaking nations, with the UK (333), Canada (315), Australia (202), and South Africa (108) leading the list.

Surprisingly, the Philippines, with 46 users, beat out New Zealand, with 37. Regardless of the numbers, and no matter the distance, we happily support every last one of them. Mabuhi.