June 2010





Do you know what your maintenance and related fees for Morning Flight programs are? It's all spelled out below. In a nutshell - Nada, Zip!

Another question that comes up regularly is the imposition of business cards. Specifically, how to quote cards that are nearly always printed x-up, often with more than one name. Intriguing enough to make it this month's video.

Hal Heindel
Unitac International Inc.


Morning Flight Maintenance Fees


Had an interesting conversation with a printer from one of our beleaguered Gulf Coast states the other day. He asked some technical questions about the forthcoming Gold Edition. After learning that I had been a printer myself for thirty-odd years, he ended the e-mail exchange with this:

"Thanks for all the help. Poor old country boys from Alabama like me have to be careful dealing with educated folks. We could get taken advantage of." Southern conviviality for sure, but his comments reminded me that we haven't done a very good job of promoting the way we conduct business. Better late than never, so here it is, the missing fine print:

Q: How much are Subscription and Maintenance Fees?
A: No Fees. We don't nickel and dime our customers.
Q: How long can I use the program?
A: For as long as you like. All Morning Flight programs are sold with a perpetual use license. They don't shut themselves down at the end of a fixed licensing period.
Q: On how many computers can I install it?
A: On as many as you like within the same corporate entity, in no more than two business locations. Using the program at home doesn't count.
Q: What if I need Tech Support?
A: Help for the Free Edition is available on our Forum. Support for all paid editions is by email, free of charge. In the United States, Canada, and most of Europe, you can also call us at 1+585-219-8950. We'll call back.





Quoting Business Cards

Whenever you enter a quantity in Morning Flight, that quantity always represents the number of finished pieces. It's never the number of press sheets. That's blatantly obvious with things like envelopes but tends to get murky when you're quoting business cards, usually run more than one-up on different size sheets. The picture can get downright opaque when you throw in a bunch of names.

Our June Video can help with that. It also demonstrates how to override the program's automated x-up calculator, with just a dab of creativity.



Pricing Business Cards


Screencasts are a great way to learn how to use Morning Flight.

Click here to watch our June video on how to set up and price business cards.