July 2010





Funny business, this newsletter writing. Usually, some past or future event will hand you your main story line. Get up on the wrong side of the bed some morning and you'll have no clue what you're going to say. Then there are the good days, days when the story just falls out of the sky and writes itself. This is one of those days. And I have Mike from West Virginia to thank for it:

"I have recently downloaded your free quoting software and will soon be purchasing the Gold Edition. I used to own a Minuteman Press franchise and had their FOCUS software. I don't know if you're familiar with it but it is very good. Yours is the closest I have seen to it since, for thousands less. I would just like to have more control of it. Maybe the Gold Edition will allow more flexibility."

His e-mail arrived last week and couldn't have been more timely. For the past couple of months we've been putting the finishing touches on the Gold Edition. The extra layer of quality we were looking for was to give users more flexibility and control.

Mike, I'd like to think we've found it.

Hal Heindel
Unitac International Inc.




User-defined Presses


When the Gold and a comparable digital-only Pixelblitz arrive in September, both will include MyWay pricing. Previewed in May, you can now test-drive this potent new pricing option by downloading the demo.



Also included are user-defined presses, four for offset, four for digital. That feature is compatible with both MyWay and conventional pricing and will find its way into the Silver and Express editions as well. If you have already bought (or are planning to buy) an Express or higher edition, you'll be able to download the update when it becomes available in September. No charge.

Finally, Common Sense Pricing. It's always been there, doing its work in the shadows. Mike wanted to know about hard brackets for copies, so we brought it out, gave it a name, and put a switch on it. It's all in the video.





Upgrade Policy


Last month, we talked about Maintenance Fees (there aren't any), multiple installations, and Tech Support. Thought I'd follow that up with our just as easy-to-live-with upgrade policy.

Updates. When you buy any Morning Flight product, updates within the same edition are free for one year from the date of the original download or physical shipment.

Upgrades. When you outgrow one edition, you can upgrade to a more feature-rich edition for just the difference in price, regardless of how old the product is that you're upgrading from. Even as old as the hills.



MyWay Pricing


Screencasts are a great way to learn how to use Morning Flight.

Click here to watch our July preview of MyWay pricing and user-defined presses.