January 2018





Welcome to our first newsletter of 2018. A long time coming but worth the wait. Version 17 of Morning Flight with wide format, tiered click charges, support for new presses, and a whole lot more is now available at the Morning Flight Shop. With a year and a half invested in development, that's big news and I'll post a few links below so you can explore some of the new goodness. But first I want to tell you about a recent email exchange I had with a Morning Flight user in Vegreville, Canada, our friends and neighbors to the north.

Arthur asked: "We are running V15.1. I checked the FAQ and there have not been any recent updates. I'm wondering what the most recent update is and if I should be upgrading."

And then he said: "Also . . . I'd be willing to pay an annual maintenance fee. I know you've never wanted it, but it is worth it for even a small shop like ours. The time your software saves is a fair trade for an annual fee. Just sayin'. :-)"

To which I replied (edited for brevity): "Thank you, Arthur. That's the best "also" I've ever received. But it won't change how I feel about annual fees; we've never even charged for updates. Our first paid version was introduced eight years ago. Until then all our programs were giveaways. Technically, V17 is far more than an update, it's two programs bound together and priced as one. So yes, it will cost to move up, but no one will have to pay more than $50."

"All I can say is, wow. You’re making it hard for me to spend more money with you." Arthur

"The whole idea of Morning Flight is for printers to make a little extra money. If we can save them some in the process, that's terrific." me

"I understand your stance behind Morning Flight and do appreciate it. I personally think (I know) it helps us make more money. Mostly because of the speed and ease. My question is … Does Hal make a little extra? Because you should. You have provided a great product at a fair price and should be rewarded for your work." Arthur

It would have been hard to imagine a better reward in my inbox that morning. All the best for the New Year, everyone.

Hal Heindel
Unitac International Inc.






If you own a paid Morning Flight program (from the Passport on up) and would like to add wide format, tiered click charges, market pricing, the new presses and all the rest, email us at morningflightinfo@gmail.com and let us know who you are and which edition you're using. We'll email you a coupon code that will reduce your cost of the equivalent V17.1 program to $50.00, regardless of when you bought the edition originally.

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